Honestly Me. Entirely You.

Honestly Me. Entirely You.

I’m a baalat teshuva, meaning I didn’t always grow up religious. Meaning I question everything. Tznius, the subject of this blog, was actually the hardest mitzvah for me to wrap my head around. I didn’t understand what the source was and why male rabbis were telling me how long my skirt should be.

Seeing that I’ve started my own tznius clothing company, things have changed in my life. I now produce clothes that (hopefully) make it easy for women to dress according to Jewish law while at the same time not compromising on color and style. All the clothes cover the knees and elbows. Most cover the collarbone, but some leave a little breathing room.

Above is the logo of my company, Honestly Me. In case you’re wondering ‘what’s the meaning of it??’, here it is: I was trying to think of something in the physical world that resembles tznius. The closest I came is a prism. Why? Because light is one of most colorful things out there, but you can’t see its colors. Only when it goes through a medium such as a prism are its true colors visible. Plug in ‘light’ with ‘neshama’ (soul) and ‘prism’ with Honestly Me’s clothes, and there you go!

The purpose of this blog is for you to get a feel for what my company is about and give you a certain feeling when you wear my clothes. I want you to feel like you are an educated, self-aware woman who knows the laws, knows why she is covering up, and is unique.

I hope to accomplish this by sharing what I have learned about tznius through my talks with different rabbeim as well as personal experience. I have recently started speaking with poskim so that I can become more knowledgeable about the halachic aspect and different opinions. I also refer to shiurim I have heard over the years.

If you have any questions about any point I make, would like me to do research on something, or would like me to write about a certain topic please comment and let me know!



6 thoughts on “About

  1. I find your fashion line really interesting. I don’t know much about jewish law but I think it’s great for women to be able to follow the rules without forgetting their own style. Congratulations!

  2. At my shul, they keep telling me I belong in Israel, but in a good way. Shawls, fashionable head scarves, some pretty (I think) romantic testimony to how beautiful Tznius is and at the same time, how it is such a powerful mitzvah internally. I’ll have to go check out your line. Thanks for posting. kol tuv.

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